All artwork needs to be supplied to infineprint's artwork specifications, as a "print-ready" file. This is so we can ensure your job is printed correctly, with good results in the quickest time possible.

If you don't have the software to create "print-ready" files we can set up your job for a design fee - contact us to discuss your requirements.


Informed Colour Choices

At In Fine Print we use CMYK colour for the majority of our printing. Exceptions include envelopes or stickers with only one or two colours, and NCR books - for all of these products we use PMS. We have Pantone colour books that we can use to help you choose an appropriate match for these products.

We also have a CMYK colour chart printed to ISO specifications that allows us to accurately choose colour on a range of paper types, and to minimise issues with colour management. If you would like to talk to us about colour management please contact us.


Standard Product Sizes



841 x 1189 mm

Business Cards

90 x 55 mm


840 x 594 mm


110 x 220 mm


420 x 594 mm


120 x 235 mm


297 x 420 mm


324 x 229 mm


297 x 210 mm


229 x 162 mm


148 x 210 mm


353 x 162 mm


105 x 148 mm


90 x 145 mm


* These are the finished print sizes and do not include bleed.


File Requirements


In order to maintain high print quality all artwork must be submitted as a "print-ready" file:

  • The document should be set to the size it will be printed at, as per our standard sizes.
  • Resolution of the file should be no less than 300dpi.
  • Make sure all images and fonts are embedded, or converted to "outlines" or "curves".
  • Ensure the file has sufficient bleed and crop marks.
  • All files should be saved seperately for example, two files for a business card printed front and back.

Please follow the guidelines set out below and if you have any questions, dont hesitate to contact us.


Form of Printing

Minimum Bleed


File Type

 Digital Printing

3 mm



 Offset Printing

3 mm



Outdoor Banner

20 mm ( 60 mm safe area )




Design Considerations To Improve Your Job



Image, Text and Trims

All non bleed images and text should be kept at least 3mm from the trim (edge of page).



We recommend that you include the scoring option on all folded jobs to minimize cracking. Fold panels for A4-DL should be set from left to right 97-100-100 (outside) and 100-100-97 (inside).


Booklet Creep

Page creep will occur on booklet jobs. To help with finishing all page numbers and non-bleed image and text should be kept at least 10mm from the trims. We advise you allocate a 5mm bleed on all booklet jobs.


Rich Black

Solid black areas should be made up of 60% Cyan, 50% Magenta, 50% Yellow, 100% Black to give a strong deep colour.